• Welcome to the Sunshine Coast

  • Part 1

    This is a day in the life of a home inspector whereby I will be giving you a snapshot of the inspection. Due to time limitations of this video it is not the usual exhaustive process. I inspect the exterior of the building including the roof system both inside and out. When doing this video I did not inspect the roof as I normally would have. In all my certified home inspections, I spend a great deal of time on the roof to ensure it's integrity. 

  • Truestar Million Dollar Home | Part 1 Outside

  • Part 2

    Now let's look at the interior of the home. Here we record our observations and make recommendations about the interior.  Things like irregular floor surface, exhaust fans not venting to exterior, caulking and grout missing or loose on bathroom shower tiles, and functioning of windows and doors. 

  • Truestar Million Dollar Home | Part 2 Inside

  • Part 3 


    In the third snapshot video installment, we look at the various systems in the basement or crawlspace such as heating, plumbing and electrical as well the structure and foundation of the home. This is a very important component as it can reveal structural issues that can impact the stability of the home .


    If the home has an attic space , I will also access the attic and inspect the various structural and operational components (exhaust fan ducts, venting,trusses, sheathing and insulation)

  • Truestar Million Dollar Home | Part 3 Under

  • It should be noted that our inspections are not invasive in nature but rather limited to readily observable items. 

    Equally important is that we also tell you what the limitations are to the inspection . A typical limitation could be; "The roof is too steep/or fragile to walk on, therefore it was inspected with binoculars from the roof edge,"

  • Moving to the Sunshine Coast was one of the best decisions of my life.  Watch this video to give you a glimpse into why I decided to make Gibsons BC Canada the headquarters for Truestar Home Inspection Services.

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